Most companies selling advertising look for their customers to foot the bill whilst simultaneously taking all the risk – if it produces returns the agency want praised or paid more , if it fails the relationship usually comes to an end and the only one losing out is the customer.

We do things differently. Having been involved in generating business enquiries online since 2003 we have the experience and skills to create effective online strategies. Creating websites and campaigns that deliver enquiries consistently takes time – and we take the strain and bear the cost during that period, the time when clients in the normal advertising model are most feeling the strain. We take care of every aspect of developing the opportunity and then begin to pass our partner leads once the campaign begins to bear fruit.

What Type Of Campaigns Do We Create?

We routinely create websites and campaigns that are distinct from our customers` main brand – basically focused online strategies that very specifically target certain types of legal work. Such projects are often much more successful than the general law firm website as this approach presents the offering as being much more specialist – something clients increasingly want.

How Do We Get Paid?

We are flexible in our approach as clients often want to work in different ways. We often build the campaigns and retain ownership of the site with an agreement being put in place around the opportunities and profit created. As you may expect from our general approach we are always happy to consider entering into agreements that suit all parties – nothing will last long term unless it works for everyone.

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